Department of Telecommunication Technologies deals with the development, maintenance and provision of telecommunication services.

Public Utility Company “INFORMATIKA“ is a company whose primary goal is to improve telecommunication system of the City.  In 2002, building of an optical infrastructure commenced with the view of functionally connecting all interactive services of the City of Novi Sad. Only contemporary telecommunications that are based on optical infrastructure can efficiently provide for the requirements of high speed and bit rate, maximum accuracy and availability.  This is the reason why the decision was made to build and develop the public utilities infrastructure of the City of Novi Sad using optical cables in order to build a public utilities communication network.

Initially, a modern and scalable system, unique in Serbia, was the investment of Public Utility Company “INFORMATIKA“ in terms of both financial and human resources and technical support. However, in 2007 the importance of the project for the future of the City was recognized as well as its effects in everyday use of the citizens’ life.

In 2008, the telecommunication optical infrastructure got the status of an infrastructure of importance for public utilities.  That is how it became equally important as water and heating company in daily functioning of the City. According to the Decision,  Public Utility Company “INFORMATIKA“ Novi Sad is the company engaged in the activities related to building, maintenance and provision of telecommunication services.

Telecommunications and services include:

  • Monitoring of the construction and electrical works on the telecommunication network.
  • Laying out the set of technical conditions and documentation required for the connection.
  • Issuance project approval documents.
  • Official handover and connection to the optical telecommunication infrastructure
  • Management, control and exploitation of telecommunication systems
  • Designs architecture and maintenance of LAN and MAN networks.
  • Wireless internet
  • Video monitoring of public surfaces
  • IP telephony


Today, owing to high capacity MAN network incorporating over 200km of optical cables laid in the metropolitan area of Novi Sad, more than 75% of the territory of Novi Sad is covered with optical cables and WI FI technologies are used for the connection of remote intercity points.